January 11th, 2018   |   Author: Diane Primo

2018 Video Marketing Trends

Most marketing people are too busy to go to the bathroom, let alone grab a quick bite. The pace of change in marketing is daunting. The Google and Facebook army update their algorithms constantly, keeping us on our marketing toes.

According to emarketer, this duopoly will rake in a combined 63.1% of US digital ad investment in 2017, making digital ads on other platforms old news. So, it’s not surprising that video marketing is also exploding.

If you’re selling a product, service or point-of-view to a target audience, video should be a core element of your program. For many of you, your management might still be stuck in the dinosaur age— exclusively using big advertising agencies that require big marketing budgets. Trust us, you can no longer afford to remain on that path. You must stay on strategy, but the market has voted: your story and its many facets needs to be told through video, and lots of them.

It’s difficult to create a comprehensive and effective marketing campaign without a significant video marketing component and with the historically high big agency budgets. To help support the case for a different video marketing and production strategy, we’ve organized proof points into one compelling infographic. It covers general market trends, key market execution tactics and mobile statistics. This should be all the proof you need—but for those who need more, 96% of B2B companies use video in their marketing campaigns. And the majority report positive ROI, according to Hubspot. Video is moving center stage in our communication strategy and needs to grow in use. This calls for creativity with marketing budgets, and thoughtful, out-of-the-box execution strategies.

2018 Video Market Trend Infographic

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